Hey I'm Anthano Zasalla on the MSPA forums but call me anza also I make art sometimes  hats on the rack
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© Boris Klimov

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Eris?? Goddess of chaos strife and discord?? more like Goddess of animated hairporn jesus lord just look at it.

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okay time to watch garden logging I guess

right after I go get some things printed for skool

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sketchbok page again whhhoops

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Making A Successful Portfolio


I get a lot of questions about what goes into making a good portfolio, and while there are many different opinions on the subject, Ty Carter (a Visual Development Artist at Blue Sky Studios) has compiled some really useful information about crafting a portfolio on his blog. Definitely worth reading! And I think this topic is going to be a series of discussions on his blog - so follow his tumblr to catch all the useful tips!

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okay well sketch dump as long as I’m not drawing anything

heads and busts that’s my sketch book basically

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Sci-Fi Suburbia by Simon Stålenhag


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